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[KS Games Preorder] Marvel United by CMON is now accept for preorder

Marvel United Ultimate Pledge HKD1700 (Retail Price HKD2000)

Marvel United Deluxe All-In - HKD1800 (Retail Price HKD2200)

All you can get from Ultimate Pledge + Playmat & Cardboard Location Tiles

Preorder Deadline: 30Jun2021

Expected arrival on: Early Aug2021

Enquiry number 35638462

What you will get for this Deluxe All-In package:

Marvel United core box

The Infinity Gauntlet expansion

Return of the Sinister Six expansion

Rise of the Black Panther expansion

Tales of Asgard expansion

Guardians of the Galaxy Remix expansion

Enter the Spider-Verse expansion

Exclusive Beta Ray Bill Hero

Exclusive Gamora Hero

Exclusive Spider-Ham Hero

Exclusive Nick Fury Hero

Exclusive Hawkeye Hero

Exclusive Corvus Glaive Villain

All Applicable Stretch Goals


Cardboard Location Tiles

*No additional shipping required for self-pickup at our retail store.

*Full paid deposit will be received when all orders confirmed on early July2021 .

*Price will change to retail price after preorder deadline

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