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[KS桌遊預訂]La Granja Deluxe Master Set Special Bundle

La Granja Deluxe Master Set Accepting Preorder Now!

La Granja Deluxe Master Set Special Bundle - Retail Price HKD1100 / Preorder Price HKD990


La Granja Deluxe Master Set

all Kickstarter stretch goals

The Donkey Pen Set

- Wooden donkeys

- Cardboard 3D pen

Shiny Victory Set

- 35 metal coins (in-game Silver) + 55 metal VP coins

Expected Arrival Date: 2023Q1

Preorder Deadline: 28Feb2022

Enquiry phone no.: 35638462

Game Description:

La Granja: Deluxe Master Set is an upgraded and expanded version of the 2014 game La Granja in which 1–4 players manage small farms by the Alpich pond near the village of Esporles on Majorca.

The players must carefully consider the decisions of which dice to draft, which cards to play, when and where to deliver goods to various markets, and how best to utilize the flexible powers afforded by several "anytime" actions.

The multi-use cards offer four different options for players to choose from. Decide whether you want to use the card as an extension to your fields (increasing your ability to grow olives, grain, or grapes), as an extension to your farm (increasing the number of pigs you can house, the deliveries you can make, or the coins you will earn each round), as a market barrow (providing a personal contract you can fulfill for valuable rewards), or as a hired helper (each providing a unique and powerful ability to improve your actions).

*No additional shipping required for self-pickup at our retail store.

*Refund available when publisher cancel our order only

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