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[KS Preorder] Interactive Miniatures from Game Start Studio is now accept for preorder

Interactive Miniatures from Game Start Studio is now accepting preorder!

Interactive Miniatures Sets brings you high quality Miniatures,

character's condition effect for RPG series Boardgame such as Dungeons

& Dragons.

Interactive Miniatures Elite - HKD540

Interactive Miniatures System Set - HKD560

Interactive Miniatures Sundrop Set - HKD1600

Interactive Miniatures Angel Sundrop Set - HKD150

[Special All-in Bundle]

Interactive Miniatures Sundrop Set + Angel Sundrop Set - HKD1700

Preorder Deadline: 21Jun2021

Expected arrival date: May2022

Enquiry number 35638462

Please refer our images for what you can get from different sets.

*No additional shipping required for self-pickup at our retail store.

*Arriving time may delay depends on publisher arrangement.

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