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Expeditions (A sequel Boardgame to Scythe) accepting pre-order

Expeditions is now accepting pre-order.

Expeditions Standard Edition HKD660

Expeditions Ironclad Edition HKD900

Preorder Deadline: 13Feb2023

Expected Arrival Date: Aug2023

Expeditions standard Edition includes 5 massive plastic mech miniatures & mech mats, 20 location tiles, over 100 uniquely illustrated cards, 50 worker meeples, a bag filled with 36 silkscreen printed corruption tiles, a robust Automa solo mode, and much more.

Expeditions Ironclad Edition features 5 massive metal mechs (instead of plastic miniatures) and silicon base snaps, as well as an individually numbered box with foil lettering. #Expeditions #Scythe #boardgamepreorder #stonemaiergames #hkboardgameshop #allonboardhk |棋間限定桌上遊戲專門店| 網上商店: YouTube Channel: 地址: 油麻地上海街393號二樓全層(油麻地MTR A1)

Enquiry: 53935367


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