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New Boardgames Preorder Aug2023

New Essen 2023 Boardgames available for pre-order

Cascadia Landmarks HKD250

Unmatched Adevntures HKD550

The Search for Lost Species HKD350

Sky Team HKD210

Everdell: Farshore HKD750

3 Ring Circus HKD310

Acquire HKD380

Nucleum HKD540

Barcelona HKD470

Pre-Order link:

Enquiry number: 53935367

#CascadiaLandmarks #UnmatchedAdevntures #TheSearchforLostSpecies #SkyTeam #EverdellFarshore #3RingCircus #hkboardgameshop #boardgamespreorder

| 棋間限定桌上遊戲專門店 All On Board HK |


Address: Rm701, Block C, Ka Ming Court (Lai Chi Kok MTR ExitC)

Enquiry: 53935367

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