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[BG Preorder] Earth by Insideup Games

Earth an open world engine builder boardgames available for preorder.


Price HKD380

Expected Arrival date: Apr2023

Enquiry number 53935367

Game Component

178 Plant cards

65 Terrain cards

40 Event cards

32 double-sided Ecosystem cards

23 double-sided Fauna cards

10 double-sided Island cards

10 double-sided Climate cards

6 Solo Mode AI cards

120 Plant Cubes

107 Soil Tokens

90 Trunk Pieces

70 Canopy Pieces

25 Leaf Tokens

5 Player Boards (double-sided with*)

1 Gaia Board*

1 Solo Mode Board*

1 Team Mode Board*

1 double-sided Flora and Fauna Board

1 Score Pad

1 Active Player Marker

1 Rulebook

| 棋間限定桌上遊戲專門店 All On Board HK |


Address: Rm701, Block C, Ka Ming Court (Lai Chi Kok MTR ExitC)

Enquiry: 53935367



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