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[Boardgame Preorder] Lords of Ragnarok preorder last day.

Preorder special price available till today. Take your last chance and contact us Now!

Lords of Ragnarok Mythic Pledge (Sundrop) Preorder NOW at HKD2100

Expected Arrival Time: 2023Q2 Enquiry number 35638462

Mythic Pledge (Sundrop) included Items:

Lords of Ragnarok Core Box (Sundrop)

Lords of Ragnarok Stretch Goals (Sundrop)

Terrain expansion (Sundrop)

Enhanced runes

Art Book

Lords of Ragnarok is a spiritual successor to Lords of Hellas. It takes players into the middle of an everlasting conflict in a unique world inspired by Nordic mythology with a Sci-Fi twist. Building upon the established core of Lords of Hellas gameplay, it redefines it with new mechanics and fresh ideas. You will still erect great monuments, hunt monsters, and fight epic battles — but you will also use runes to promote your troops, take control of trolls and other monsters, or get unique perks for alliances with mythical realms.

*This price is only for preorder customer, and will change back to SRP after preorder deadline.

*No additional shipping required for self-pickup at our retail store.

*Arriving time may delay depends on publisher arrangement.

*Refund available only when publisher cancel our order

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