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Tokyo Highway Rainbox City with Core Game


Expected Arrival Batch:

Sep 2024

Tokyo Highway Rainbox City with Core Game

Tokyo Highway: Rainbow City / トーキョーハイウェイ レインボーシティ is a new edition of Tokyo Highway with new gameplay elements and updated components that make the game easier to play...which can be good or bad depending on your taste for collapsing roads.

Tokyo Highway: Rainbow City includes a "mission" variant in which all of the basic placement rules apply, but your goal is now to score the most points. Every car placed is worth 1 point, three roadways in a row with cars on them is 2 points, a loop around a building is 1 point, an exit ramp at the airport or green area is worth 2 points, placing the same type of car on a roadway as the opponent's car on the road above/below you is worth 1 point, etc.

In this edition of the game, the roadways have small tacky pads on each end, which makes the sticks more stable than in earlier editions when you placed wood sticks on wood columns.

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