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River Valley Glassworks Deluxe Edition


Expected Arrival Batch:

Sep 2024

River Valley Glassworks Deluxe Edition

In River Valley Glassworks, you play as one of these pioneers, drafting glass from the market of river tiles. To do so, you have to play a piece from your inventory into the river. Each river tile can take only a specific shape, and you must play into a space adjacent to where you want to draft from. After you pick up your glass, the river shifts forward, revealing new pieces and new opportunities.

The Deluxe Edition contains the following:
Box with Spot UV and Gold Foil
6 Acrylic River Tiles
1 Neoprene River Valley Playmat
1 Deluxe Glass Bag
5 Dual Layer Glasswork Boards
5 Dual Layer River Pans
5 Wooden Character Inventory Markers

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