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Ashes Reborn: Red Rains - The Blight of Neverset


Expected Arrival Batch:

2024 Q1

Ashes Reborn: Red Rains - The Blight of Neverset

The Red Rains have swept further across Argaia, making their way to the paradise garden-city of Neverset. Home to Leo Sunshadow, this land of eternal sunshine faces its darkest days with the birth of this next Chimera. Join forces with Leo, Astrea, Saria, and Maeoni as they fight to dispel this plant monstrosity in The Blight of Neverset!

This new Chimera fights the Phoenixborn in two aspects, Bloom and Thorn. Watch the Bloom aspects blossom into a display of beautiful glory, while the Thorn aspects ruthlessly strike from the darkness and wither away all that the Phoenixborn can muster. Fight back with an all-new charm magic deck, befuddling the Chimera’s attacks, bypassing its key defenses, and bringing it to fatigue.

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